Get on Gab. Speak Freely. — Steemit

Gab is at the forefront of the free speech movement. Twitter is dying because of this movement. After… by cryptwarz

Source: Get on Gab. Speak Freely. — Steemit

Though I’m still active on Twitter and on Facebook, Gab has become my favorite micro-blogging social media platform. The sourced article, linked above, does a pretty good job of explaining who we are, what we do, and how and why we do it.

Floaters, or Shadow People?

When I had my eye exam last week one of the topics of conversation the doctor and I covered was those floaters in my eyes. She could see them in my eyeballs when she looked with her scope. My peripheral vision checked out fine, and I don’t see flashes, so the floaters don’t signal any serious health condition. But they are quite entertaining.

Sometimes the spots, shapes, and foggy masses that drift across and hop around my field of vision seem like a host of shadow people. But I think they’re just floaters. I think…