San Juan’s Mayor: Such a Tool

Up until a few days ago, the Mayor of San Juan was very appreciative of the massive amount of assistance and aid America is pouring into her hurricane-ravaged country. Then the Democrats talked to her, and she changed her tune. She complained to the news media on Friday that the lack of help from America, particularly from the Trump Administration, is killing her country.

This morning President Trump took to twitter and set the record straight.

Two New Chess Tourneys

Replacing the NFL, NBA and ESPN has been easy for me. Rather than subject myself to the onslaught of political propaganda disguised as professional sports by athletes, coaches, team and league owners, and broadcasters I’ve decided to spend less time with them and much more time on the one sport I still actively play: correspondence chess (cc).

Yesterday I signed up for two new cc tournaments at Scheming Mind, the correspondence chess club where I’ve played most of my games for the past decade and a half. My newly assigned matches in the September 960 and the 10 Under 2000 brings my game load up from the five I’m still playing in the Fooled by Randomness and the 2017 Standard Chess Dropout Tournament to 30 games now being played simultaneously. And the time spent on this, boys and girls, will leave no time whatsoever for me to waste on the fools in the NFL and the NBA nor the idiots on ESPN.

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