Another Win With White

As has been the case for the past many years, I have several correspondence games in progress at any one time. Depending on the time controls being used, each game can take days, weeks, or even months to play.

These days I restrict my play to Fischer Random Chess which is played with the standard rules and unorthodox starting positions of the major pieces.

This is a game I won a few days ago playing White when my opponent with the Black pieces resigned after my 32nd move. The opening board we were assigned, our complete move record, and position of pieces at game’s end are below:
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What? No meme?

Nope. I’m not posting a meme today. Oh, there are many insightful and entertaining memes out there in the wild that I could share with you, but I’ve been doing that on an almost daily basis for so very long. And I’m getting tired of it.

Before I got involved in the great and ongoing meme wars, this blog had a different, more personal character. Those of you who have been following my blogging over the years know that I change things up from time to time. This seems to be another time for change.

Stay tuned, boys and girls. I do intend to keep blogging on a daily basis. And I will continue to share memes with you, but I won’t do that every day. Some days I’ll do something else.

It’ll be fun. 🙂