Flag Day, and more studying.

As the Pilot of my Assembly, it is my duty to know United States Flag Etiquette.

A quick aside, for those who don’t know, there is a difference between Knights of Columbus Councils and Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Assemblies. An overview of the Fourth Degree, sometimes called the Patriotic Degree, can be found at this link.

While every Fourth Degree Knight must also be a Third Degree Knight in good standing and an active member of a Council (Councils being the organizational bodies of First, Second, and Third Degree Knights) he will also belong to a separate group known as an Assembly. Assemblies are usually comprised of Fourth Degree Knights from several different Councils, meet separately from the Councils and have their own Officers.

After having served my Assembly in the office of Scribe for the past three years, I am now the Pilot. And one of my duties as Pilot is to:

Acquire and maintain a thorough knowledge of the policies, procedures, and protocols governing the
National Flag in order to instruct the members of the Assembly, to ensure its proper care and display, and to serve as an authority on the flag for assigned Councils.

So, Happy Flag Day, boys and girls. Today finds me studying Flag Protocol.