13 Years Using WordPress.com

Recently I was sent a thank-you notice from the folks who run WordPress.com. They were noting that I’ve been blogging on their platform for 13 years. And that gave me pause. It caused me to remember when, how, and why I began this hobby. Why I do it today, and why I intend to keep at in the years ahead.

The story of my journey from local BBSs to Q-link and Compuserve in the 1980s, then to AOL and all its ridiculous cd-roms that came in the mail in the 1990s, from LiveJournal to more “serious” blogging platforms, to the complex social networking environment of today would take more time and space than I’m willing or able to spend now. But it is a story, and it’s fun to remember. Someday I will tell it.

I should say thanks to my friend Jen, a woman I met online many years ago over our shared enjoyment of manga and anime. It was she who convinced me to start working with WordPress.org as a Content Management System for building websites and WordPress.com as a blogging platform. Thanks, Jen. 🙂

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