13 Years Using WordPress.com

Recently I was sent a thank-you notice from the folks who run WordPress.com. They were noting that I’ve been blogging on their platform for 13 years. And that gave me pause. It caused me to remember when, how, and why I began this hobby. Why I do it today, and why I intend to keep at in the years ahead.

The story of my journey from local BBSs to Q-link and Compuserve in the 1980s, then to AOL and all its ridiculous cd-roms that came in the mail in the 1990s, from LiveJournal to more “serious” blogging platforms, to the complex social networking environment of today would take more time and space than I’m willing or able to spend now. But it is a story, and it’s fun to remember. Someday I will tell it.

I should say thanks to my friend Jen, a woman I met online many years ago over our shared enjoyment of manga and anime. It was she who convinced me to start working with WordPress.org as a Content Management System for building websites and WordPress.com as a blogging platform. Thanks, Jen. 🙂

Thursday Evening, Home Office

Killing time, waiting for Sylvia to get home from her evening at the Bingo Hall with her cousin. Would be nice if she comes home with lots of cash, but the odds are against it. As I always tell her, the only guy who wins every night is the man who owns the place. As long as she has fun, that’s the main thing.

Listening right now to the Lars Larson Show on local AM radio, and watching a live webcam view of Biscayne Bay on the Roku’s PTZtv channel. And snapping a quick photo of the side desk to share with you all.

My day has been busy and productive, and the night is quiet and calm. Just the way I like it.

And the adventure continues.

A Fischer Random Win – you can start hating me now.

Okay, this is an experiment to see if I can save my chess games as animated gif files and post them on the blog. This is a correspondence club game I won last week.

Note the unorthodox opening position of the pieces. That makes it a FRC (Fischer Random Chess) game. Other than that, the game is played with standard rules. We each started with 30 days on our game clocks, and we gained an extra day with each move we made. That’s pretty standard for correspondence play in the club where this game was played.

Yes, I won by Queen-King checkmate with the white pieces.

If past performance is any guide, folks start hating me when I start posting my chess games. Ha! Now that I can post them in this animated format, they’ll probably be appearing here rather frequently. Ha! 🙂

And Now I’m a Council’s Advocate

At last night’s business meeting I was elected to the office of Advocate for my new council’s 2018-2019 fraternal term.

The duties and responsibilities of the Advocate of a Knights of Columbus Council are summarized as:


  • Acts as parliamentarian for the council
  • Should have a working knowledge of Robert’s
    Rules of Order, Charter, Constitution & Laws,
    council by-laws, and Method of Conducting
    Council Meetings (#10318)
  • When needed, will seek legal assistance from
    the state advocate

Having previously served as the Grand Knight of another Council, I’m already familiar with the Office of Advocate and I’m looking forward to this upcoming term.

A new K of C Council

So tonight I attend my first Council meeting of a new (to me) Knights of Columbus Council to which I’m transferring my membership.

Since joining the Knights back in the 1990s, this will be the third Council I’ve belonged to. I already know several of the men here, and I’ve been attending Mass at the Parish to which this Council is attached for some time. But most of the guys will be new to me.

I’ll be asked to stand and introduce myself and probably answer a few questions. But I’ve already completed the paperwork required for making the transfer. So after being voted in by the members at tonight’s meeting, whatever else may be needed will happen automatically. And a new chapter in my life with the Knights will have begun.