Monday Midday Notes

  • Short term goals, long term goals, realistic daily tasks, making plans, reviewing priorities: these are the sorts of things on my mind. Hope all this “planning” doesn’t keep my head in the clouds and prevent me from getting any real work done today.
  • I’ve just learned the FedEx delivery I was expecting last week has been rescheduled for today. It’ll be good to get that garment rack assembled and put it to use.
  • Damn dogs barking out in the neighborhood. That doesn’t make walking, which I need to do for my health, very appealing.

Notes While Waiting – Friday, Noonish

  • Like most days, these days, it has taken several hours for the morning aches and stiffness to fade enough for me to begin working on chores. Of particular interest is the rhuematism in my hands. It takes awhile every morning before I’m able to do anything with my hands. And the pain and stiffness is often in my shoulders, neck, back, and hips to one degree or another all day long.
  • No telling what time the FedEx driver will arrive today with the new garment rack I’ll be assembling and using back in the garage near the washer and dryer. Waiting for that delivery prevents me from giving full attention to other matters. Hope he comes soon.

Shall I Try Podcasts Again?

Years ago, on a blog of mine far, far away, I dabbled in podcasting for awhile. It was fun, and some of my listeners enjoyed it. Anyway, it seems all the cool kids are doing it these days, And the podcasting tools have become more advanced and easier to use. So I’m thinking about trying it again here, on Roscoe’s Story blog.

You may also notice that items over there on the sidebar have changed over the past few days. There may be some older sidebar items coming back and newer ones arriving over the course of the next several weeks.

I find myself in a “tinkering” mood. You have been warned. 🙂

Another traveling day

Last Sunday Sylvia and I flew out of San Antonio to begin our week-long vacation in Indiana to help prepare for and celebrate the wedding of my youngest granddaughter. It was a wonderful week, a wonderful visit!

Now we fly back home by way of Atlanta. Currently I’m enjoying the “free” wifi at South Bend International Airport while waiting for our first plane out.

Life is good. It is VERY good! 🙂

Calm before the storm

Things are peaceful and quiet here, now. I’ve got the house to myself while the son-in-law is out mowing his lawn. But things will change shortly.

The ladies are out doing “girly” things but they’ll return within the hour. Soon after that out-of-town family and guests for Shelby’s wedding will pull into the driveway. Later this afternoon will be the wedding rehearsal, then the rehearsal dinner.

Tomorrow will be the wedding itself followed by the reception. And tomorrow night Sylvia and I will do our packing for the Sunday morning flight back to San Antonio by way of Atlanta.