A Restful Saturday

After a much busier than normal week (had a big mass mailing for the Knights of Columbus to get out all by myself!) I’m taking a day to rest up for more busy days ahead.

Tomorrow at a KofC Corporate Mass I’ll be introducing Sylvia to a lot of new people. Then after the Mass I’ll take her out to dinner as we celebrate our 5th year together.

Then on Monday I have a doctor’s appointment, and on Tuesday she has one. And the adventure continues.

Notes While Waiting – Friday, Noonish

  • Like most days, these days, it has taken several hours for the morning aches and stiffness to fade enough for me to begin working on chores. Of particular interest is the rhuematism in my hands. It takes awhile every morning before I’m able to do anything with my hands. And the pain and stiffness is often in my shoulders, neck, back, and hips to one degree or another all day long.
  • No telling what time the FedEx driver will arrive today with the new garment rack I’ll be assembling and using back in the garage near the washer and dryer. Waiting for that delivery prevents me from giving full attention to other matters. Hope he comes soon.