Floaters, or Shadow People?

When I had my eye exam last week one of the topics of conversation the doctor and I covered was those floaters in my eyes. She could see them in my eyeballs when she looked with her scope. My peripheral vision checked out fine, and I don’t see flashes, so the floaters don’t signal any serious health condition. But they are quite entertaining.

Sometimes the spots, shapes, and foggy masses that drift across and hop around my field of vision seem like a host of shadow people. But I think they’re just floaters. I think…

My eyes have gotten stronger!? (Thank you, Sylvia.)

So this morning I had my eyes examined (full exam, with dilation and everything) for the first time in four years. Now that I’m diagnosed with diabetes (type 1, controlled by diet and exercise) having such an eye exam will be an annual thing.

Not surprisingly, the prescription for my new glasses has changed quite a bit. It has become increasingly more difficult for me to see in all circumstances: distance vision, near vision, night vision, every darned thing. And I assumed (wrongly, as it turns out) that my eyes had just gotten much weaker.

The eye doctor told me this morning that she detected some slight glaucoma, but no worse than she noticed four years ago. And she saw some slight retinal tearing and slight macular degeneration, but again, this is just what she noted four years ago. However, the degree of astigmatism in my vision is much less now than it was previously, And my distance vision and near vision are quite a bit stronger than they were previously!

Wow Zoopers! I may be getting older, but my eyes are getting stronger! How about THAT!? The Optometrist attributed the improvement in my vision to the facts that: 1.) I’m now treating my blood pressure with medication; 2.) I’m no longer smoking, and; 3.) that I’m eating better now. Sylvia’s good home-cooking that I eat every day since I’ve fully retired is helping to improve my overall health and is making my eyes stronger!

Thank you, Sylvia! 😀

After several days of inactivity….

So last Thursday the doctor told me to rest my arms, shoulder and neck, but to start exercising regularly as soon as I could.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did little more than sit in the recliner or lie in bed. Boring! And while I was doing that the grass in my lawn, which really needed to be cut before the problem with my shoulder, etc., set in a week or so ago, kept growing. Yesterday I finally did something about it: walked down to the ice house (there and back is just about a mile) for a can of gas for the lawn mower, and I mowed the front yard.

Today the shoulder and arm aches, but that’s better than the sharp pain of the past week or so. So this afternoon I mowed the back yard. It is gratifying to be productive again!

What I mistakenly thought was arthritis pain.

The doctor I saw yesterday diagnosed my shoulder, arm, and neck problem as much more likely due to nerve damage than to arthritis. And we’re treating it accordingly. He called in some new medicines for my blood pressure (another area of concern) which I collected from the pharmacy before catching the bus home. And he now has me taking anti-inflammatory meds morning and night. I’m to rest my arms, shoulders, and neck for the next few weeks and “tough it out” (the doctor’s words. Heh.) regarding the pain. If the pain hasn’t cleared up in a few weeks, he’ll x-ray my neck. So… I’m taking it easy and taking my meds.

Good news from the doctor yesterday: He congratulated me on my recent weight loss. He said all the numbers from last week’s blood work, etc. were very good. The liver and kidneys are in fine shape and working as they should. And he encouraged me to join a gym and begin exercising regularly. (Actually, that’s something Sylvia suggested we do together just a few days ago.)

And the adventure continues. 🙂

Day 3, ditto

Still “crippled” with the arthritis pain. While not as severe (generally) as it has been at times over the last few days, it’s still bad enough to slow me down considerably. Though it still seems to be centered in the left shoulder and neck area, it can extend from from my head down to my fingers, across both shoulders, and down my back. Seriously.

To complicate matters, my blood pressure has been  really high for the last few days. This morning, for example, it was 173/95. And I’m taking perscription medicine daily to keep it low.

I imagine that if I was able to sleep well at night my body would heal itself from much of what ails me, but insomnia has been particularly bothersome lately. Some exercise would help too, I’m sure, but the darned arthritis won’t let me do anything. 

Anyway, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow: a follow-up on my lab work from last week. Maybe the doctor can give me some advice, adjust my meds, or do something to help. We’ll see.

Second Verse, Same as the First

Last night’s late tweet summed up my Monday:

Significant arthritis pain was my constant companion yesterday. And today starts similarly.

Getting anything of value done today will be … challenging. Thank God I have a good stock of Aleve!

Health Benefits of Honey? – My next project.

So for the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with the popular apple cider vinegar diet and I’ve found it easy to follow and effective. The bathroom scales in the morning are now consistently recording a body weight over ten pounds lighter than when I began this project with very little modification in my eating habits. Cool! If I can drop another ten or twenty pounds by the time Sylvia and I visit family in Indiana later this Summer, and by the time I visit family and friends in the Philippines this Fall, I will be one happy old boy!

With confidence now in the health benefits of natural remedies, I’m going to move to the next level and begin experimenting with incorporating raw honey into my diet. There are a number of ways to do this described at the sourced article from which the graphic above and the following quote is snipped. I WILL be checking some of them out!

Discover the AWESOME health benefits of honey! Honey energizes our body, boosts immunity, fights bacteria, promotes healing of cuts and burns, remedies sore throat, cold, hangover, sleeplessness, stomach upsets and more. Find out how honey can make a significant difference to our health.

Source: Health Benefits of Honey

Good News, Bad News

The good: Even though Kawhi Leonard didn’t play last night, my Spurs beat the Houston Rockets. Next up will be the Western Conference Championship Series. We meet the Golden State Warriors on Sunday afternoon to start that 7-game series.

The bad: The relief from my dry, hacking cough is slow in coming. I’m still taking the medicine and drinking lots of water, and there are actually periods of time that are coughing-free, but those are punctuated by other periods of nonproductive dry coughs. So the healing and recovery continues. Hopefully I’ll be able to shake this darned thing over the weekend.