Good News, Bad News

The good: Even though Kawhi Leonard didn’t play last night, my Spurs beat the Houston Rockets. Next up will be the Western Conference Championship Series. We meet the Golden State Warriors on Sunday afternoon to start that 7-game series.

The bad: The relief from my dry, hacking cough is slow in coming. I’m still taking the medicine and drinking lots of water, and there are actually periods of time that are coughing-free, but those are punctuated by other periods of nonproductive dry coughs. So the healing and recovery continues. Hopefully I’ll be able to shake this darned thing over the weekend.

ESPN Radio – waiting, resting, recovering


Saturday morning finds me listening to ESPN’s College Gameday via the Roku’s TuneIn Radio Channel as I wait for my games to start.


The resting and recovery from my bad reactions to the vaccines of Thursday afternoon continues. Yesterday’s agony has been replaced by today’s just plain sick and, though I’m still a long way away from my normal health condition, things are getting better. And THANK GOD for that!

After the long Labor Day weekend, some serious nap time.

So on Saturday there were some great college football games followed and Mass at the neighborhood Catholic Church, on Sunday a wonderful meal shared with family and friends and two very energetic little boys, and on Monday a looong NCIS Marathon session and a special tri-position night at the Bingo Hall.

Today I’m super exhausted and will probably spend some significant nap time. Tomorrow just might be a rest and recovery day, too. It will probably be later this week before any real work gets done on the different projects I have cooking.

Thank GOD I’m retired and can take R&R days when I need them!