After several days of inactivity….

So last Thursday the doctor told me to rest my arms, shoulder and neck, but to start exercising regularly as soon as I could.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did little more than sit in the recliner or lie in bed. Boring! And while I was doing that the grass in my lawn, which really needed to be cut before the problem with my shoulder, etc., set in a week or so ago, kept growing. Yesterday I finally did something about it: walked down to the ice house (there and back is just about a mile) for a can of gas for the lawn mower, and I mowed the front yard.

Today the shoulder and arm aches, but that’s better than the sharp pain of the past week or so. So this afternoon I mowed the back yard. It is gratifying to be productive again!

What I mistakenly thought was arthritis pain.

The doctor I saw yesterday diagnosed my shoulder, arm, and neck problem as much more likely due to nerve damage than to arthritis. And we’re treating it accordingly. He called in some new medicines for my blood pressure (another area of concern) which I collected from the pharmacy before catching the bus home. And he now has me taking anti-inflammatory meds morning and night. I’m to rest my arms, shoulders, and neck for the next few weeks and “tough it out” (the doctor’s words. Heh.) regarding the pain. If the pain hasn’t cleared up in a few weeks, he’ll x-ray my neck. So… I’m taking it easy and taking my meds.

Good news from the doctor yesterday: He congratulated me on my recent weight loss. He said all the numbers from last week’s blood work, etc. were very good. The liver and kidneys are in fine shape and working as they should. And he encouraged me to join a gym and begin exercising regularly. (Actually, that’s something Sylvia suggested we do together just a few days ago.)

And the adventure continues. 🙂

Day 3, ditto

Still “crippled” with the arthritis pain. While not as severe (generally) as it has been at times over the last few days, it’s still bad enough to slow me down considerably. Though it still seems to be centered in the left shoulder and neck area, it can extend from from my head down to my fingers, across both shoulders, and down my back. Seriously.

To complicate matters, my blood pressure has been  really high for the last few days. This morning, for example, it was 173/95. And I’m taking perscription medicine daily to keep it low.

I imagine that if I was able to sleep well at night my body would heal itself from much of what ails me, but insomnia has been particularly bothersome lately. Some exercise would help too, I’m sure, but the darned arthritis won’t let me do anything. 

Anyway, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow: a follow-up on my lab work from last week. Maybe the doctor can give me some advice, adjust my meds, or do something to help. We’ll see.

Retreating into the Man-Cave

So this morning Sylvia told me she was bringing one of her lady friends over to the house this afternoon and for a few hours on Sunday to do some heavy duty cleaning. Having this joint cleaned up will be a very welcome change, but there’s no way I could have any peace of mind out in the parts of the house where they’ll be working.

So, it is my intention to lock myself into my sanctum sanctorum, my man-cave (my home office) while that house work by those ladies is in progress.

The Walk, and the Recovery

Today’s biggest events in the Roscoe-verse were 1.) the walk home from the bus stop, and 2.) the recovery from that walk.

Oh sure, many other scheduled chores were accomplished: hauling the big blue recycle bin and big green organics bin out to the curb, today being the collection day for those; some banking, physically at my bank downtown, not online; lab work at my hospital; shopping while downtown; filling the daily medicine keepers for Sylvia and me for another week; printing an updated daily medicine list for Sylvia; fixing my brunch and lunch here at home; following the Comey testimony before Congress and comments about that on various social media platforms; doing the dishes and policing the kitchen; organizing paperwork and supplies back in my home office; etc.

But the day’s biggest, most significant events in my world had to be the walk back home from the bus stop after my business downtown, and recovery from that walk. The walk was only a mile, and when I was younger that wouldn’t have fazed me at all. But now, at 68 y/o and under this South Texas Summer heat, and me not being particularly physically active, that was significantly draining. And the recovery from that walk, still ongoing six hours after the fact, has me functioning at a much slower pace, in a much more mellow state than would ordinarily be the case. Interesting, that.

Here come the figs!

This year’s crop of figs in the backyard promises to be the most bountiful ever. What was a little tree when Sylvia and I moved onto the property has grown considerably over the years, and today it is just loaded with fruit.

The figs are still green, but I’ll be watching them closely to start harvesting when they ripen. It’s going to be a race between me and the squirrels and birds, I think, to see who can collect the most. 🙂

yard work, etc.

So I broke down and loaded all those cardboard boxes that remained on the back patio and loaded them, empty plastic water bottles, and empty coke cans into the big blue recycle bin for next week’s pickup. And I filled the big green organics bin with brush from the backyard, so that’s ready for next week’s pickup, too. And two trash bags full of general garbage have just been loaded into the big brown trash bin. That’s enough physical labor for today.

Now to wash the dishes, police up the kitchen, and shower and shave my old self before the wife gets home from work.