Monday Midday Notes

  • Short term goals, long term goals, realistic daily tasks, making plans, reviewing priorities: these are the sorts of things on my mind. Hope all this “planning” doesn’t keep my head in the clouds and prevent me from getting any real work done today.
  • I’ve just learned the FedEx delivery I was expecting last week has been rescheduled for today. It’ll be good to get that garment rack assembled and put it to use.
  • Damn dogs barking out in the neighborhood. That doesn’t make walking, which I need to do for my health, very appealing.

Notes While Waiting – Friday, Noonish

  • Like most days, these days, it has taken several hours for the morning aches and stiffness to fade enough for me to begin working on chores. Of particular interest is the rhuematism in my hands. It takes awhile every morning before I’m able to do anything with my hands. And the pain and stiffness is often in my shoulders, neck, back, and hips to one degree or another all day long.
  • No telling what time the FedEx driver will arrive today with the new garment rack I’ll be assembling and using back in the garage near the washer and dryer. Waiting for that delivery prevents me from giving full attention to other matters. Hope he comes soon.

A Birthday Present from President Trump?

The Fake News Awards on January 17? That happens to be my birthday! Now I have one more reason to look forward to it. Thanks in advance, President Trump! 🙂

A Simple Walk – So Exhausted

From my front door to the neighborhood Corner Store is almost exactly one mile. I walked there and back earlier this afternoon to pick up a 12-pack of diet coke and that little bit of exercise left me drenched with sweat (temperature was in the comfortable low 70s) and totally exhausted.

Man! If I ever needed incentive to lose weight and get myself into better physical condition, this is it!

Fighting a Losing Battle

A battle against fatigue, that is.

This past week hasn’t brought me many good sleeps. Most nights have actually been filled with more insomnia than sleep. Normally such nights are followed by good, restful naps the following day. But there were no naps this week. Instead, each day has found me more tired as the week has progressed.

Tonight, as I try to stay awake to watch my Saturday night TV shows, the eyelids grow heavy. I fear I’m fighting a losing battle against the fatigue that’s been building all week. Soon I’ll be moving from this recliner in the front room to my bedroom to watch the shows from the smaller set back there. And, being so close to my bed, I’ll be ready to put head to pillow whenever the tiredness wins out over the desire to stay awake.