Thursday Evening, Home Office

Killing time, waiting for Sylvia to get home from her evening at the Bingo Hall with her cousin. Would be nice if she comes home with lots of cash, but the odds are against it. As I always tell her, the only guy who wins every night is the man who owns the place. As long as she has fun, that’s the main thing.

Listening right now to the Lars Larson Show on local AM radio, and watching a live webcam view of Biscayne Bay on the Roku’s PTZtv channel. And snapping a quick photo of the side desk to share with you all.

My day has been busy and productive, and the night is quiet and calm. Just the way I like it.

And the adventure continues.

A Good Morning’s Work

At 08:30, shortly after Sylvia left for work, I found myself facing the monster bushes that have been creeping steadily across my back yard for at least the last five years. (It was five years ago when we moved here, and those bushes were a serious presence even then.)

Armed with a set of manual hedge clippers, a manual tree pruner, and a small hand saw, I went to work.

Three hours later I had cleared away those bushes that were pushing up against and in some places through  my neighbor’s wooden privacy fence. Now a path is clear (more or less) back to my fence bordering the alley.

Nearly Noon at the time of this second picture, our South Texas summer day  was heating up nicely. I decided it was time to call a halt to the yard work  and move indoors.