Privacy on the Internet? Not on Twitter!


I woke this morning to news that Twitter had released the content of DMs (private, direct messages sent on the Twitter platform) between Donald Trump, Jr., and Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Regardless of the content of these messages (which were totally innocent, btw) their release proves that Twitter DMs are NOT private communications between sender and receiver, but are archived and held by Twitter and can be made public whenever Twitter decides.

President Trump Is Right!

The current federal tax laws are crippling America in many ways. Our do-nothing Congress needs to pass legislation that lightens our tax burden and send it to President Trump for his signature right away.

San Juan’s Mayor: Such a Tool

Up until a few days ago, the Mayor of San Juan was very appreciative of the massive amount of assistance and aid America is pouring into her hurricane-ravaged country. Then the Democrats talked to her, and she changed her tune. She complained to the news media on Friday that the lack of help from America, particularly from the Trump Administration, is killing her country.

This morning President Trump took to twitter and set the record straight.