I Support President Trump’s Decision

It wasn’t JUST Stephen Curry who refused to go to the White House. Many of his teammates and his head coach have also been very vocal about their opposition to our President.

I’m glad President Trump chose to withdraw his invitation to that team.

The level of disrespect shown by players, coaches, and management throughout the NBA and the NFL to our President and to our flag and to our country itself is disgusting.

Roll Tide! Alabama, vote for Judge Roy Moore!

Draining the DC swamp is something President Trump is unable to do by himself, surrounded as he is by so many GOPe (establishment Republican) advisers who are themselves creatures of that very swamp. They have co-opted him to support Luther Strange, a fellow swamp creature, as Alabama Senator. A much better choice for that office is staunch Christian Judge Roy Moore.

To help drain the DC swamp, to help defeat the GOPe, Alabama voters should support Judge Roy Moore for Senator.

Go Congress, Go!

Yes, Please! Do what President Trump is calling for! Send up a bill with serious tax reform, serious tax cuts! And do it right away!

So many of my plans for the future can either be enacted quickly or drug out over a painfully long period of time, depending on whether good tax reforms can take effect quickly… or not.