A two shower day

So I showered in the morning before heading out the door for my one-mile walk to the bus stop. Today was my scheduled doctor’s appointment and showering before that is always a must. Right?

After that business was taken care of  downtown, and a few other things as well, the bus ride back to the neighborhood and another mile-long walk back home under the South Texas afternoon Sun left me tired and sweaty. Definitely needing a second shower. 

Cleaned up now, I’m relaxing on the big brown recliner and watching Wheel of Fortune. Mellowed out.  And looking forward to a quiet evening and an early sleep.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The Midday Nap

One of the joys of being retired (at least, the way I’m managing my retirement) is having a high degree of flexibility in my daily schedule. My segmented sleep pattern often requires a midday nap or two to supplement the shorter sleeps that come to me at night. And with my flexible schedule, I’m able to nap when needed. This is healthier than either missing the sleep I need or taking drugs to force all that sleep to happen in one solid chunk of time at night.

Speaking of naps, I sense one approaching now. Guess it’s time to head for the recliner and let nature take its course. 🙂

Why Ad Orientem is Anathema to So Many

FTA: “The real question we need to ask is this: Why are so many bishops opposed to masses being offered ad orientem?The answer may be as simple as this: Pride.That’s it. Pride. That foundation of all sins. It caused the fall of the angel Lucifer. It lead to the fall of Adam. And it’s been the cause of the widespread collapse of the faith in the post-conciliar years.

Source: liturgy guy | Life, Liturgy and the Pursuit of Holiness

Yes, Pride. The source article explains that answer clearly and succinctly.

Longer Time Controls Are More Instructive – Chess.com

FTA: “…be serious and play with longer time controls so you can actually think.”

Source: Longer Time Controls Are More Instructive – Chess.com

The article by Chess Grandmaster Jeremy Silman from which the above snippet is taken says what I’ve been saying forever. Only Silman says it more tactfully and with MUCH more authority than I.