This rates a weather alert? Oh, come on.

Give me a friggin’ break! This is Summer in San Antonio, Texas. For cryin’ out loud, it’s supposed to be hot now. This is what we all expect down here!

I suppose foreigners or visitors from up North might find this rather uncomfortable, and might need to conduct themselves a bit differently than if they were home. But those of us down in South Texas are used to the heat. And let me tell ya’, it’s going to get way hotter than this over the next few months. So save your special weather statements for when we get something out of the ordinary. Okay?

Thank God for Air-Conditioning!

Thank God for air-conditioning!

Here in South Central Texas our very humid (at the moment) air is warming right up. My thermometer is moving steadily up through the 70s toward our predicted high of 80. So I’ve cranked up the a/c to keep things bearable in here.

In other news, it’s reported that folks up North are having a different kind of Winter. Heh.

Major Rain Event in San Antonio Today

As the radar image shows, there’s a steady stream of moisture coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and parking directly over San Antonio. Road closures, flash flood watches and warnings, up to seven inches of rain falling on parts of the area over the past few hours: Man! Happy Monday, folks!

I’m glad I’m retired and have no need to get out in this mess today. Those of you who do need to hit the roads today, please be careful!