After several days of inactivity….

So last Thursday the doctor told me to rest my arms, shoulder and neck, but to start exercising regularly as soon as I could.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did little more than sit in the recliner or lie in bed. Boring! And while I was doing that the grass in my lawn, which really needed to be cut before the problem with my shoulder, etc., set in a week or so ago, kept growing. Yesterday I finally did something about it: walked down to the ice house (there and back is just about a mile) for a can of gas for the lawn mower, and I mowed the front yard.

Today the shoulder and arm aches, but that’s better than the sharp pain of the past week or so. So this afternoon I mowed the back yard. It is gratifying to be productive again!

yard work, etc.

So I broke down and loaded all those cardboard boxes that remained on the back patio and loaded them, empty plastic water bottles, and empty coke cans into the big blue recycle bin for next week’s pickup. And I filled the big green organics bin with brush from the backyard, so that’s ready for next week’s pickup, too. And two trash bags full of general garbage have just been loaded into the big brown trash bin. That’s enough physical labor for today.

Now to wash the dishes, police up the kitchen, and shower and shave my old self before the wife gets home from work.

Today’s Midday Chore – Recycling

Yesterday’s delivery of a big, green, organics recycling bin from the City of San Antonio means I finally have all the bins needed to fully cooperate with the City’s Solid Waste Management program. And since tomorrow is pickup day for the blue (recyclable) and green (organics) bins, I’ll be devoting the early afternoon today to getting them ready. Then tomorrow morning (or tonight) I’ll wheel them out to the curb so they’ll be ready for the big trucks to come and empty them.

Exciting, huh?

Hello, Audacity. It’s been awhile.

AudacityMaking recordings and playing them back for private listening is a central part of how I do business. It has been for many years. This is common practice for those of us responsible for keeping accurate records of meetings, interviews, business proceedings, etc. There are many recording devices on the market today that are easy and effective to use for this purpose and most modern computer operating systems come complete with software that makes playing back the recorded audio files equally easy. VLC and Banshee are two that pop up on different computers I use, and there are many others. But when a situation calls for careful editing of these audio files, different tools are called for.

A situation has presented itself to me now that calls for more detailed editing of an audio file than I usually do. So I’m reaching for Audacity, a tool I last used five or six years ago or so. At that time its learning curve seemed a bit steep and difficult to follow, if I remember correctly. Software does evolve over time, of course. I wonder how much I remember from my previous time with it. I wonder if it’s easier to use now. Guess I’ll find out.

The adventure continues.