Good night, Internet.

Sylvia may have been partly right this morning. When she asked me how I slept last night I answered, “Not well.” As she moved across the room gathering her things to take to work, she told me that I did too much walking yesterday.

That 3-mile walk yesterday from the house, to the bus, to the doctor’s office, then back again, was made without my walking stick. And that was my mistake. I took the same walk last week and slept great the night after that, and felt fine the day after. But that earlier trip was made with the walking stick. And I think that made all the difference.

The decision not to take it yesterday was made because I was in a hurry to get to the first bus stop. I can walk faster without the stick, if I force myself. Using the stick I move at a more measured, even pace, and with better posture. Covering the same stretch of ground, I’ll feel so much better using the stick than not. Heck, 3-mile walks or even 5-mile walks or more will be no big deal as long as I have the good sense to use my stick.

Despite the fact that I was operating at a much lower power level today (damn it, I should have used the stick) I was able to handle all the necessary chores. Gotta feel good about that.

Hopefully tonight will be a better night, and bring plenty of restful sleep. And hopefully your night will be good, too. See you on Thursday. 🙂