Simplifying things

The process of simplifying and downsizing my Internet activity is well underway. And it’s about darned time. This goes hand in hand with the major downsizing of my physical footprint also underway.

In order to make the move to the Philippines this summer, which our vacation there very well may morph into, I certainly won’t want to be burdened with all the stuff that has accumulated over the years around me. Even if the vacation doesn’t become a full time move, if we return to America, we will want to come back to a simpler, more easily manageable lifestyle.

Leaving the sidebar

Recently there have been links over on the left sidebar of this website to Roscoe’s Journal and my Micro-blog. Both the personal journal and micro-blog were enjoyable side projects which I shall no longer pursue.

Since I’ve rejoined Twitter, the original micro blog, there’s no reason for me to spend time (and money) on another. And the work I used to do over on Roscoe’s Journal could just as easily be done here on Roscoe’s Story.

There is a photo-oriented #SevenTwoProject recently begun over at Roscoe’s Journal which will end there when I shut down that blogging platform, but will return here at Roscoe’s Story.

This is a change that will save me both time and money, and will simplify my Internet presence. It’s a good thing.