And another Wednesday is in the books… listed and logged.

Hard time getting to sleep last night. I was too keyed up from watching Tuesday night’s Presidential Debate. When sleep finally came it brought a strange, vividly detailed dream. The morning’s health metrics were okay.

Prayers, etc.

11:15 – Wednesday Prayer of the Auxilium Christianorum
11:30 – Lk 9:57-62
19:40 – Day 47 of The Novena For Our Nation, a meditation: Born For Combat
21:50 – 5 Decades of the Rosary, The Joyful Mysteries


08:00 – bowl of oatmeal and pineapple
09:00 – bacon and sausage
09:45 – 2 pb&j sandwiches
14:00 – an apple
18:30 – 2 blt sandwiches

Chores, etc.

08:00 – follow favorite podcasts
10:00 – pretty significant morning nap
12:20 – ordered oatmeal from Amazon
13:30 – watch game shows
07:30 – mailed rent check
15:30 – reading select articles from The Epoch Times Newspaper and from my RSS feed reader
17:00 – watching news on NEWSMAX TV, etc.
18:30 – Wheel of Fortune
19:00 – watching The Prisoner on Pluto TV


15:20 – moved in all CC games

Even though this morning brought me a good nap I’m starting to fade right on schedule. Before too long I’ll be sliding under the covers and drifting off with local talk radio playing quietly from the Bose at my bedside. Wonder if any strange dreams are waiting for me. Guess I’ll find out.

A long, productive Tuesday… listed and logged

This was my Tuesday, 29/Sep/2020

Tuesday morning found me waking from a sleep that could have been longer, but wasn’t, could have been better, but wasn’t. It was good enough though. And I was able to sit calmly for several minutes on the edge of my bed in silence, waiting for the mental fog to lift before stepping out into the day. The morning’s health metrics were good – much better than they were yesterday morning.

Prayers, etc.:

08:00 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
16:00 – Gen 28:11-17
22:00 – Day 46 of The Novena For Our Nation, a meditation: Border Walkers
22:22 – 5 Decades of the Rosary, The Sorrowful Mysteries


09:00 – bowl of oatmeal and pineapple
10:10 – bacon, sausage, and bread
15:15 – ritz crackers & cheese snack
16:30 – big bowl of chicken stew
17:00 – ice cream bar
18:30 – another ice cream bar

Chores, etc.:

08:30 – listen to favorite podcasts
09:45 – load my pill boxes
11:00 – c/o back porch
14:15 – relaxing to mindless TV
16:30 – watch game show TV w. Sylvia
17:00 – watch NEWSMAX TV
18:30 – Wheel of Fortune
21:00 – watched the 1st 2020 Presidential Debate


19:45 – moved in most CC games, (Android app for ICCF games not updating?!)

What a long, productive day! Sylvia and I got A LOT of cleaning and sorting done out on the back porch. Any more work of that type will have to wait until next week, after the city empties our trash bin.

And I sat through the first 2020 Presidential debate. Well, that’s 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. One POTUS I’m very proud of, his senile, liar of an opponent, and a lousy moderator. Heck, I already know who I’ll be voting for as soon as the polls open. I don’t intend to waste any more time on those debates.

A surprisingly full Monday… listed and logged

And this was my Monday, 28/Sep/2020

Waking Monday morning I was still full from yesterday’s big catfish meal. The sleep behind me was uncomfortable, as expected due to the big meal. But at least there was no heartburn thanks, no doubt, to the antacid tablets taken just before bedtime. This morning’s health metrics: body weight and blood pressure were both up due to that big meal and rough sleep.

Prayers, etc.:

10:50 – Prayer for the sick: O Blessed St. Roch, …
16:10 – Ave Maria, Gloria Patri
16:40 – Lk 9:46-50
22:20 – Day 45 of The Novena For Our Nation, a meditation: You are a Commissioned Officer
22:40 – 5 Decades of the Rosary, the Joyful Mysteries


10:30 – 1 plum
13:00 – pork, coleslaw, and potato salad (moderate portions this time)
16:30 – 1 more plum
18:00 – 1 ice cream bar
22:00 – small plate of nachos with Cheese sauce, meat, and jalapenos

Chores, etc.:

07:50 – ordered shampoo from Amazon
08:00 – cancelled my Twitter account
09:00 – AM nap
10:30 – listened to most recent Bill Whittle videos
11:00 – started my weekly laundry
14:00 – published a 100 D blog post
14:03 – watch Let’s Make A Deal
17:00 – watching NEWSMAX
18:30 – time now for Wheel of Fortune
19:00 – listening to Monday Night Football, Ravens vs. Chiefs


23:00 – moved in all CC games

And a surprisingly full day comes to an end. Thankfully I was able to grab several cat naps to make up for last night’s rough sleep.

A most pleasant Sunday. … Listed and logged.

This was my Sunday, 27/Sep/2020.

Sunday morning found me waking with stiffness (not unusual) and soreness across pretty much all of my upper body. That’s probably the result of all that cleaning and organizing done over the last 3 days out on the back porch. So I’ll take a day or two off from that work, allowing myself time to recover before hitting it again. Weird dreams last night, too. At least the morning’s health metrics were good. There is that.

Prayers, etc.:

08:10 – A Prayer For Holy Souls (for the Poor Souls in Purgatory)
19:24 – Mt 21:28-32
19:45 – day 44 of the Novena For Our Nation, a meditation: The Soldier’s Creed, “Can’t Quit – Won’t Fall – Put Me In The Fight!”
20:30 – 5 Decades of the Rosary, The Glorious Mysteries


08:45 – 2 chicken salad sandwiches on wheat bread
13:00 – 1 ice cream bar
15:00 – 1 banana
15:45 – ritz cracker snack
16:30 – Fried catfish, coleslaw, potato salad (lots of everything!)

Chores, etc.:

09:00 – watch Beard Blather #30
10:00 – update paper planner
12:00 – clean ceiling fans and replace ceiling light bulbs
14:00 – update ledger book
14:20 – update Pixel Phone to Android 11
15:30 – watch NFL, the Cowboys vs. Seahawks game


13:50 – moved in all CC games

All things considered, this was a very happy Sunday. Had a good text conversation with my daughter, helped Sylvia with some projects of hers, ate a LOT of good food (which reminds me, better take some antacid tablets before bed to avoid heartburn in the middle of the night!), watched a good football game, happy chat with stepson and some of his coworkers in the Philippines: yes, a most pleasant Sunday.

One pretty good Saturday. … Listed and logged.

This was my Saturday, 26/Sep/2020

Technically speaking, it is Saturday. But I haven’t started my Friday night sleep yet. This is unusual for me. Most nights see me putting head to pillow between 22:00 or 23:00 at the latest. But this night I buggered up my self-hosted WordPress website and spent many futile hours trying to bring it back online. Or maybe it was just coincidence that it went offline while I was tinkering with my plugin settings. Whatever.

Anyway, I’ll set the basic template I use for these posts and record my chess activity before going to bed. Then… I’ll be back at this tomorrow. (Err… later today, I mean.)

Prayers, etc.:

10:10 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
14:30 – Lk 9:43b-45
21:00 – Day 43 of The Novena For Our Nation, a meditation; OIL – Obediance In Love
21:30 _ 5 Decades of the Rosary, The Glorious Mysteries


09:00 – a banana
09:30 – bacon
10:30 – bowl of oatmeal
14:00 – big bowl of chicken stew
16:15 – garden salad
18:30 – pb&j sandwich

Chores, etc.:

08:30 and onward – struggling with what has become a very frustrating WordPress website
11:00 – college football is on my TV now and will be until Svengoolie this evening
12:45 – during half time of the game got more c/o done on the back porch – now back to football
13:20 – toot to fosstodon
17:00 – WP website seems to have stabilized. Hope it stays that way.
19:00 – time for Svengoolie. Hope I can stay awake for the whole show.


01:30 – moved in some CC games
18:00 – moved in all CC games

Despite that short sleep last night, this turned out to be a pretty good Saturday. And I’m thankful for that.