This was my yesterday, Friday 11/Sep/2020.

After a very uncomfortable night filled with much tossing and turning, I find the prospect of waking early more pleasant than going back to bed. So I’ll be fixing coffee now and looking forward to a good nap later in the day. The morning health metrics are good, thank God, though I’m sure they’d be better if I slept better.


04:30 – Prayer For Freedom From the Devil
10:05 – Pater Noster
10:25 – Ave Maria, Gloria Patri
16:45 – Novena For Our Nation Day 28 – A Meditation: Draw Your Strength From The Lord
22:00 – 5 Decades of the Holy Rosary, The Sorrowful Mysteries


07:45 – chicken salad sandwich
09:20 – fruit cocktail
10:30 – ice cream bar
12:00 – chicken salad sandwich
14:00 – liver and chicken stew
17:30 – 3 hot dog sams
20:00 – an ice cream bar


07:00 – watch Market Edge (finance news show from the Philippines)
07:30 – watch walk and vlog from Cebu City
09:00 – watch new Bill Whittle videos
09:45 – update ledger book & paper planner
10:00 – listening to Fr. James Altman interviewed by Dr. Taylor Marshall
10:50 – subscribe to print edition of Remnant Newspaper for one year
12:00 – listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show
14:00 – listen to Sebastian Gorka’s America First radio show
15:30 – register for K of C webinar scheduled for next week
16:30 – published a 100 D blog post
19:30 – just watched Cosmos, an exciting sci-fi movie, on Prime.
20:30 – participated in a live chat on YouTube hosted by a vlogger in the Philippines


Moved in all cc games. Today I won two games and lost one. Tomorrow I should start a few new games.

Author: Roscoe