So Sunday happened.

This was my yesterday, Sunday 13/Sep/2020

Last night’s sleep, though not perfect, was the best I’ve had for awhile. Only up twice, briefly, and 8 hrs. long. Heavy dosing with allergy meds kept my sinuses under control and that made all the difference. The morning metrics were good, too. Body weight and BP have been stable now for several days.

07:45 – Our Father
08:40 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
16:30 – LK 7:11-16
21:45 – Novena for our Nation Day 30 – A Meditation, “Sanctify Yourself”
22:30 – 5 Decades of the Rosary, the Joyful Mysteries

08:00 – chicken salad sandwich
10:40 – oatmeal & raisins
14:00 – sausages
14:20 – ice cream bar
17:30 – an Arby’s RB sandwich, large chocolate milkshake


  • listen to Beard Blather #28, last night’s conversation of Saul Montes-Bradley and Thomas Wictor
  • Caught neighbor’s dog in my yard AGAIN. Neighbor boy finally caught him while he was running across the street.
  • Changed the theme of my WordPress website.
  • Watched Sahara, a pretty good movie on Prime, with Sylvia.
  • bought us an Arby’s take out dinner
  • watched Dustwalker, a zombie horror scifi movie on Hulu with Sylvia
  • order compression socks for Sylvia

  • reactivated my ICCF membership
  • moved in all CC games

  • not today, sorry

Author: Roscoe