Not my favorite sleep, but a good day nonetheless.

This was my yesterday, Tuesday 15/Sep/2020.

Monday night’s was not my favorite sleep. Way too much insomnia. So I kept dosing with the allergy meds to find sleep again. At least Tuesday morning was one without an alarm so I could stay in bed until a healthy amount of sleep was logged. And the morning’s health metrics were good, in spite of the rough night just ended.


09:15 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
12:30 – Jn 19:25-27
20:45 – Day 32 of the Novena for our Nation, A Meditation on the State of Grace
21:10 – 5 decades of the Rosary, The Sorrowful Mysteries


09:30 – Oatmeal & raisins
10:00 – Arby’s RB sandwich
12:00 – 2 pcs of pizza
18:15 – ice cream bar
19:15 – watermelon


09:30 – Watch Bill Whittle and Josh Philipp videos on YouTube
10:30 – mail letter and photos to Kris
12:15 – use blue wagon to carry groceries into the house
13:15 – research stimulus ck
13:30 – update ledger book and ppr planner
15:15 – carried in groceries (again!) with blue wagon
16:15 – met w. GK, he brought 2 TX Charity pins, we chatted for a bit
18:30 – watched Wheel of Fortune


15:00 – received pairing for my 1st ICCF match in over 10 years
18:40 – moved in all CC games


19:30 – light PM stretches

Author: Roscoe