Good night, folks, and sweet dreams.

Today was a hot one in South Texas and, thank God, I was able to stay inside most of the day. Actually, we’re going to have triple digit days for the next week or so. That’s part of the charm of this place. Heh.

Oh, for those of you who might notice it missing, the friends and family photo gallery that used to be in this blog’s side bar has moved to a page of its own. That page is still very much under construction, but I’ll have it looking and working better by the weekend, Lord willing.

I do have just a bit of paperwork to do before head hits pillow, but let me take this opportunity to say: Good Night, and Sweet Dreams.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Good mid-morning, folks, and Happy Tuesday!

At ~09:30 I would be sitting behind my desk in my office if I was still working out in the world as I was years ago. But today at ~09:30 I’m sitting behind my desk in my home office with much the same mindset now as then: ready to start working with a full schedule of tasks ahead of me, and enough flexibility in that schedule to allow for the unforeseen things that always seem to crop up. Some things never change, ya’ know?

Hoping for a good day today for you and me. I’ll get back to you later.

Good night, Monday

Before the brain turns completely into jelly, (I’ve been trying my hand at computer programming today, something I’ve not done for many, many years! Long hours today typing terminal commands, staring at the computer screen, and trying to follow instructions that are incomplete in many critical instances, has my old eyeballs about to fall out of my head and my mind about to tie itself into knots.) let me wish us all a good night and a restful sleep.

I’ll see you tomorrow, Lord willing.