Congrats to Will Power

Watching this race on TV from the comfort of my living room was enjoyable. After so many days of rain the weather in Indianapolis was beautiful today, and the road course at the Brickyard was in fine condition.

Many years ago I watched the F1 cars racing on this course from a seat in the infield bleachers, and the warm memories of that day came back.

Of course, the big race there will be the Indy 500 run later this month. Watching that will bring back happy memories, too. And today’s Indy Car Grand Prix was a great warmup for that.

Good News, Bad News

The good: Even though Kawhi Leonard didn’t play last night, my Spurs beat the Houston Rockets. Next up will be the Western Conference Championship Series. We meet the Golden State Warriors on Sunday afternoon to start that 7-game series.

The bad: The relief from my dry, hacking cough is slow in coming. I’m still taking the medicine and drinking lots of water, and there are actually periods of time that are coughing-free, but those are punctuated by other periods of nonproductive dry coughs. So the healing and recovery continues. Hopefully I’ll be able to shake this darned thing over the weekend.

Go Spurs Go!!

After several years of San Antonio Spurs fanship I’ve come to understand that one of the very few things Coach Pop values more than winning is the health of his players.

At this moment in time we’ve lost Tony Parker for the rest of the season (if not longer) due to a leg injured in a recent game. And now Kawhi Leonard is listed as “questionable” for tonight’s game against the Houston Rockets due to an ankle injury suffered in the 4th quarter of Tuesday’s game. Kawhi practiced with the team this morning and he says he wants to play tonight, but… The gametime decision will belong to Coach Pop.

Lord, I hope my Spurs win tonight. And I honestly don’t think we can win without Kawhi. So I really, REALLY hope he plays!

How “Minimal” can I get?

For the last few days I’ve been working on a project. I’ve paired my 8 inch Android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard and am trying to see just how functional it can be in terms of keeping up those chores I usually handle with a desktop or laptop.

If I can get by with just the smartphone and tablet when in the Philippines, that should make moving through airports easier than if I had to open up and turn on a laptop. I’ve heard that happens when coming back into the US from foreign countries. Eventually, having a full laptop in the Philippines will be a necessity, but for the next year or so, when I’m only there for 3 weeks at a time, maybe twice a year, the smartphone/tablet combo might be enough.

Both my primary banks stateside have excellent Android apps. As long as I can get to the Internet I’ll be able to manage my finances just as easily from anywhere as I can here at home. And though the desktop/laptop experience is better on all my social networks (, twitter, facebook, this wordpress blog) they all have mobile apps that are more or less functional.

I think this will work. We’ll see.