Two Questions

So much of this Tuesday is spent plowing through paperwork and stuff that I’ve accumulated, ruthlessly asking two questions of everything I handle: 1.) Is this something I want to have with me in the Philippines? Keeping in mind our first house there will be a small one full of grandchildren. And 2.) is this something that will help me make the big move quickly and easily? Unless the answer to one of the questions above is a solid “yes,” the item in hand gets pitched.

At this moment, early in 2017, I’m still living full-time in America. But in a matter of months I’ll be living part-time in Cebu, returning to the US through 2018 mostly to close out my operations here and to fulfill legal requirements. By 2019 I’ll be living primarily in the Philippines. Between now and then there’ll be a lot of traveling back and forth, a lot of business to take care of, and I DON’T need any needless stuff slowing me down.

Serious Planning


The next three years are going to be really busy for Sylvia and me as we downsize our presence in America and setup residence in the Philippines.

To keep myself organized as I handle those chores that are my responsibility, (Sylvia’s got her own chores to handle), I’ve started using mind-mapping software to keep track of things that have to be taken care of. At the moment I have charts drawn up for each of the three years remaining on the lease of the San Antonio house we’re living in. At the end of these three years we’ll be living more permanently in the Philippines and coming back to America for shorter, yearly visits.

As I said above, we’re going to be busy.

As my “patient” recovers …

My nursing responsibilities are lighter now as Sylvia has been given the approval to return to work with restrictions and on a part time basis. Her recovery is still ongoing (scheduled rehab at BAMC will continue through mid-September) and requires very close monitoring. But we’re all happy to see the progress she’s making.

I’m able now to refocus more of my attention to our move to the Philippines. These surgeries of late-Winter and late-Spring 2016 may force us to postpone our first trips over there until 2017. We’ll see how things develop.

The adventure continues.