Two New Chess Tourneys

Replacing the NFL, NBA and ESPN has been easy for me. Rather than subject myself to the onslaught of political propaganda disguised as professional sports by athletes, coaches, team and league owners, and broadcasters I’ve decided to spend less time with them and much more time on the one sport I still actively play: correspondence chess (cc).

Yesterday I signed up for two new cc tournaments at Scheming Mind, the correspondence chess club where I’ve played most of my games for the past decade and a half. My newly assigned matches in the September 960 and the 10 Under 2000 brings my game load up from the five I’m still playing in the Fooled by Randomness and the 2017 Standard Chess Dropout Tournament to 30 games now being played simultaneously. And the time spent on this, boys and girls, will leave no time whatsoever for me to waste on the fools in the NFL and the NBA nor the idiots on ESPN.

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I Support President Trump’s Decision

It wasn’t JUST Stephen Curry who refused to go to the White House. Many of his teammates and his head coach have also been very vocal about their opposition to our President.

I’m glad President Trump chose to withdraw his invitation to that team.

The level of disrespect shown by players, coaches, and management throughout the NBA and the NFL to our President and to our flag and to our country itself is disgusting.

Sunday afternoon football, etc.


The view from the recliner on Sunday afternoon: Cowboys and Giants are playing on the TV across the room, the little table in front of me shows that I’m tracking Team Ellis’s progress in this weekend’s fantasy game on the Chromebook, and the tablet tells me that granddaughter Shelby and her fiance Isaac are attending the Colts game in Indianapolis.

At halftime of the game on TV I’m tempted to visit the batch of pancit on the stove that Sylvia cooked up earlier today. Mmm… ,yes, that’s an idea sounding better all the time. 🙂

Team Ellis is ready for NFL Week 1

teamellis-wk01 Do I feel satisfied having Carolina’s Cam Newton as my starting QB? Yes. Yes, I do. And with Arizona’s Carson Palmer on my Bench to play when Cam can’t, Team Ellis is sitting pretty at the Quarteback position. So I’ll be watching my QB tonight when the Panthers play the Broncos. And I’ll be watching Carolina’s Greg Olsen, who starts as my Tight End.

Of course I’ll be enjoying tonight’s game itself, for its own sake. But I will be paying close attention to my guys from Team Ellis that are out on the field. And that’s the perspective from which I’ll be following all the other games this weekend, the Sunday games and the Monday night: enjoying the games for my love of the sport, while evaluating the performance of my starters and bench players.

Let the games begin! 😀

Monday Night Football 2012: Week 1 – Will I catch both games?

I’m certainly going to try! Though I have no emotional investment in any of the teams playing tonight, the goal is to follow both games. 

Monday Night Football 2012: Cincinnati at Baltimore – Week 1 – ESPN.

The late game, of course, will have the Chargers and Raiders playing. It won’t even start until my normal bedtime but, for the sake of the sport (ha!), I’ll listen to as much of it as I can.