I agree with Allen B. West

FTA: “Here’s the deal, the progressive socialist left has been building this tinderbox and it was just set afire. They’ve been stoking this potential wildfire and our worst fears suddenly came to fruition. They’ve allowed people to march and chant “What do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” There have been countless rushes to judgment — namely Ferguson, Missouri — along with the incessant castigations of racism, and this is where it ends.

Source: I was with the Dallas Police Dept tonight, and here’s what I think… – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com

This is where identity politics, as practiced by the progressive socialist left, leads: to violent conflict and the collapse of civilized society. Thanks to Obama, Clinton, and the Soros-funded “professional protesters” they direct, things may well get much uglier before they get better.

These are testing times: an extremely well-written opinion piece

Though this short Tech Crunch essay is primarily about the current state of software engineering, it applies to life in general. Full of delightful zingers such as “the universe is composed largely of condensed mockery of one’s previous assumptions”, this is a great read even if one doesn’t care a whit about coding.

One of my earliest engineering jobs, before I fled hardware in favor of the (relative) ease and lucre of software, was in chip design. I remember being shocked when I learned just how much of the…

Source: These are testing times: mavericks vs. ice people | TechCrunch

I Have A Life: I Simply Choose To Spend It Online | Media Tapper

“Our online and social media life has grown to such proportions that cell phones are no longer simply something used to make calls or send text messages. Almost every cell phone now manufactured has the option of accessing the internet and your social networking sites.” – from the linked article.

And this is a very good thing, in my humble opinion. 

The linked article also includes interesting graphs showing how rapidly online social networking is growing across all age groups.

I Have A Life: I Simply Choose To Spend It Online | Media Tapper.

Another example of ridiculous federal regulatory overreach.

From my local radio station:


The news report to which the above tweet links says in part:

Texas farmers and cattle raisers are worried about a proposal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to extend it’s control of bodies of water to include drainage ditches, backyard ponds, and even mud holes and stock tanks, in the name of enforcing the provisions of the ‘Clear Water Act,’ 1200 WOAI news reports.

The US EPA is a perfect example of a federal agency which does much more harm than good, which wastes billions of dollars per year, and which should be totally abolished.