Second Verse, Same as the First

Last night’s late tweet summed up my Monday:

Significant arthritis pain was my constant companion yesterday. And today starts similarly.

Getting anything of value done today will be … challenging. Thank God I have a good stock of Aleve!

The Space Vulture’s Dreams

Last night brought me a solid eight hours of sleep, something for which I’m always grateful. And it brought me a very detailed, rather pleasant dream. Unfortunately that dream involved people and activities that prevent it from moving through my self-imposed filter, so I’m unable to write about it in any kind of meaningful detail.

Fortunately, my reading before sleep included an interesting dream related passage. What follows is from Space Vulture, the Science Fiction novel coauthored by Gary Wolf and Archbishop John Myers:

Space Vulture used his sleep not just for work, but for entertainment. For him, going to sleep was like entering his own private movie screening room. Dreams that he himself had scripted flickered on in one part of his sleeping mind. His entertainment dreams were wondrous, fully-formed adventure stories set in exotic locales. In these dreams Space Vulture overcame all obstacles, vanquished all foes, charmed and delighted all women. These dreamy adventures always left him happy and refreshed when he awoke.

Ever since he altered himself, made himself physically and mentally perfect, Space Vulture had never had a nightmare.

Until now.

Space Vulture’s mind transported him to a place so hot that even metal smoldered. He was being pursued by demonic phantoms. He tried to evade them, but he failed. They caught him. They overwhelmed him. He was powerless against them. They threw him to the ground. They plucked out his eyes, tore out his tongue, ripped off his flesh and gnawed on his bones. The pain was unbearable. He was terrified. He tried to shriek. No sound came out of his mouth.

And with that delightful bit of imagery, I’ll wish you all good night and… sweet dreams.