Whew! That Post Office pkg. is finally here!

The ball was actually dropped at least a few times along the way, and it looks like each service failure happened right here in San Antonio, but I’m very relieved to finally have in my hands that package the USPS should have delivered to me on Tuesday of this week.

Concerns over late deliveries of non-critical items shouldn’t bug me as much as they do. I suppose that’s a mental habit of my UPS days still with me. But one thing’s for sure, now that I’ve got the package it seems a weight has been lifted from my mind. Now if I just knew about that order from Franklin/Covey… At least F/C ships to me via UPS, and the guys in brown are one hell of a lot more dependable when delivering to me than the Post Office is.

Darned Post Office

I was supposed to have a package delivered to me today, but the delivery didn’t happen and I don’t know where the package is.

If the USPS tracking system was anywhere near as detailed and user-friendly as those provided by UPS and FedEx, I’d know what was going on. But no…. Darn it!

Amazon.com is usually pretty good about estimating delivery dates of books they ship. They’ve estimated a book now on its way to me should have been delivered today. Using the USPS tracking number they gave me, I know that on 14 Sept. my book was in the postal system at Hebron, KY. But I don’t have a clue where it’s been since then. All I know is it should have been here today, and it’s not.

Darned Post Office, anyway!