Yes, I have Friday night plans.

“Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise,” as we used to say in my long ago, country-fied, small town days (Not that there’s anything wrong with those days. Sometimes I miss their slower, more relaxed pace. But I’ve moved on from them to a faster paced, more pressured, bigger city lifestyle.), I will be sitting in my regular seat at the Majestic Theatre enjoying a concert by the San Antonio Symphony.


Hmm… I did not know about this!

I’ll have to check my schedule and see if I’m free on the evening of 23rd May. The link in this tweet gives information about a concert I’d really like to hear!

Brahms Festival 2013 – SLL Introduces First Concert

In this short video clip we’re introduced to the first concert of the 2013 Brahms Festival which will be presented this weekend by the San Antonio Symphony. Yes, I’ll be in my regular seat at the Mejestic Theatre for Friday night’s performance. And I’m looking forward to hearing a lot of Brahms as concerts continue through the rest of the Festival.