Roku Box, thumb drive, and FFmpeg = success!! Yay!!

The week behind me has been busy and productive, and the weekend ahead promises to be busy and fun.

One of the projects successfully completed has been upgrading my Roku Box from the ancient model I’ve been using happily for so long to the latest, greatest model, seen in the photo below under a corner of my TV set with a thumb drive sticking into its side port.

Roku Box and thumb drive

This new Roku has the capability to play play movie and music files and display photos from my collection. All that needs doing is converting the files to the proper format, putting the files on a thumb drive, and plugging the thumb drive into the little box.

Most of the video files I have on my computer or have saved to other media are in either .mov, .flv, or .avi formats. But I’ve found an excellent software program, FFmpeg, to convert any of them to the .mp4 format required by the Roku. Works like a charm! 😀