Sunday afternoon football, etc.


The view from the recliner on Sunday afternoon: Cowboys and Giants are playing on the TV across the room, the little table in front of me shows that I’m tracking Team Ellis’s progress in this weekend’s fantasy game on the Chromebook, and the tablet tells me that granddaughter Shelby and her fiance Isaac are attending the Colts game in Indianapolis.

At halftime of the game on TV I’m tempted to visit the batch of pancit on the stove that Sylvia cooked up earlier today. Mmm… ,yes, that’s an idea sounding better all the time. 🙂

March Madness –

Oh! There’s college basketball going on!

I was away from the house yesterday and had no time to watch any TV, so I wasn’t aware of this change in programming. Usually I turn away from CBS as soon as The Price is Right is over, having absolutely no desire to pollute my mind with the soap operas that air next. But today, HEY!… There’s March Madness happening!

Guess I’ll be watching some college basketball. 🙂

Source: NCAA College Basketball –

Watching baseball on TV.

Baseball is such a beautiful game and watching it, whether live at the ballpark or on TV, is such a happy, relaxing experience.

Seen here are Chicago Cubs fielders trying to chase down a well-hit ball by one of the Atalanta Braves batters in the top of a scoreless 5th inning a few minutes ago.

I’m mostly an American League fan (specifically a Texas Rangers fan) and I have no particular passion one way or another for any National League teams. Still, I’m enjoying this Cubs/Braves game. There are certainly worse ways to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Watching baseball on TV.

More time with the Roku box

You know, it really is something: the fun we can have via the Internet without even using computers. Well, without using computers in the conventional sense.

This blog post, as was my earlier one today, is being sent up from Slick Willy, my smartphone. And I’ve just watched a horror movie and am about to watch an episode of Torchwood via my Roku box. Neither the phone nor the Roku are "computers" exactly, but it sure is fun using the Internet with them. 🙂

Go #Rangers! Go #Cowboys! My Sunday Sports on radio and TV.

In a couple hours I’ll be tuning in to the Texas Rangers Baseball Radio Network (vial’s Gameday/AtBat service) to follow today’s Rangers vs. A’s game. We’ll have Colby Lewis pitching against their ace, Trevor Cahill. I’m hoping for a better performance this afternoon by the men from Arlington than we saw yesterday, but with Colby on the mound lately… well… I’m hoping. Go Rangers!

Later this evening my favorite season of the year, Football Season, officially starts with coverage of NFL Football’s Hall of Fame Game. This matchup of the Cincinnati Bengals vs. my Dallas Cowboys will be covered by live Network TV. The local station affiliated with that network is one that my rabbit ears can usually pull in so I’m planning to watch it. Go Cowboys!