Get on Gab. Speak Freely. — Steemit

Gab is at the forefront of the free speech movement. Twitter is dying because of this movement. After… by cryptwarz

Source: Get on Gab. Speak Freely. — Steemit

Though I’m still active on Twitter and on Facebook, Gab has become my favorite micro-blogging social media platform. The sourced article, linked above, does a pretty good job of explaining who we are, what we do, and how and why we do it.

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Go Spurs Go!!

After several years of San Antonio Spurs fanship I’ve come to understand that one of the very few things Coach Pop values more than winning is the health of his players.

At this moment in time we’ve lost Tony Parker for the rest of the season (if not longer) due to a leg injured in a recent game. And now Kawhi Leonard is listed as “questionable” for tonight’s game against the Houston Rockets due to an ankle injury suffered in the 4th quarter of Tuesday’s game. Kawhi practiced with the team this morning and he says he wants to play tonight, but… The gametime decision will belong to Coach Pop.

Lord, I hope my Spurs win tonight. And I honestly don’t think we can win without Kawhi. So I really, REALLY hope he plays!

Gab IS better than twitter


President Trump and I both know that Gab is better than Twitter.

Gab is so very much better than twitter, (more informative, more entertaining, more quality interaction), that I’ve cancelled my Twitter account of many active years to free up more of my social networking time to spend on Gab. [update 23:30 – After a week away from Twitter I’ve decided to reactivate that account, so now I’ll be active at both Twitter and Gab.]

A tip to those of you who are not yet members of the #GabFam and who would like to check it out, this service is very much devoted to freedom of speech. About the only thing not found there is spam. Spammers are quickly caught and cancelled.

In order to maintain your piece of mind, you’ll probably want to use the “filter” option to block trolls or offensive parties from your stream. Once filtered out, the trolls will still be there but you won’t see anything they post and you won’t see any of their comments. And they won’t know you’ve filtered them out, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of negative feedback from them. My filter list is quite long, by the way, and I’m happy to have it.

Thanks to Octavius Caesar for the Presidential endorsement photo included with this post.