Monday is Always Laundry Day


This particular Monday finds me using the facilities in the motel laundry room. We had originally planned to be in Texas City only three days so I packed just enough clothes for that. Circumstances changed, however, and we need a few more days here before heading home. So… Roscoe does laundry to have clean clothes to wear until we return to San Antonio.


At least I had my little Sangean pocket radio handy, and was able to tune in to a conservative talk station out of Houston while doing the laundry.

The Midday Nap

One of the joys of being retired (at least, the way I’m managing my retirement) is having a high degree of flexibility in my daily schedule. My segmented sleep pattern often requires a midday nap or two to supplement the shorter sleeps that come to me at night. And with my flexible schedule, I’m able to nap when needed. This is healthier than either missing the sleep I need or taking drugs to force all that sleep to happen in one solid chunk of time at night.

Speaking of naps, I sense one approaching now. Guess it’s time to head for the recliner and let nature take its course. 🙂

Explaining the Nineveh 90 Project

A well-structured, 90-day program of prayer, fasting, and discipline: this begins today. And I am one of the participants.

Daily readings, hints, and helps can be emailed directly to those doing the Nineveh 90, or they can be found at the website. There is no financial cost involved in following the program, though one can purchase books and other related materials if one chooses to do so.

Fr. Richard M. Heilman, the developer and leader of Nineveh 90, is a priest for the Diocese of Madison who has extensive experience in spiritual direction. He is the founder of the Knights of Divine Mercy, which is an apostolate for Catholic men’s faith formation, and he is a Fourth Degree chaplain for the Knights of Columbus, chaplain for the Madison area Holy Family Homeschoolers, an advisory board member of St. Ambrose Academy, and board member of the Women’s Care Center.

As with all programs of this type, it’s necessary for each participant to adapt the Nineveh 90 requirements to his own particular situation, circumstance, and station of life. Not all of us will find it possible to do everything suggested. But in order for the maximumum benefits to be realized, we should give our best effort. This is explained in the video attached to this post.

I encourage you to investigate Nineveh 90, and to join us. There is much work to do.

Is Bergoglio about to change the Mass thereby rendering it, “invalid?” Our penance has begun!

Today is Septuagesima Sunday 2017 for those of us Catholics who hold to the Traditional calendar.

The sourced article linked below, from which the above graphic and the following paragraph are excerpted, provides a good explanation of the ancient Church Season we’re know entering. The article also explains a new penance about to be imposed upon the Church by the regime currently controlling things at the Vatican.

Today the “gesimas” begin and this is Septuagesima Sunday or in the privileged Anglican Catholic Ordinariate, the Third Sunday before Lent. The rest of you, sadly, get to suffer in banality in the deserted wasteland of the Novus Ordo. In the ridiculously named “Ordinary Time” for what was, the Time After Epiphany, it is some ordinary numbered Sunday where you will probably be told that “Lent is coming soon, it is time to prepare,” because that is what the notes in the Ordo tell the priest to begin to do. How silly, how utterly banal that a practice stretching back to the earliest times should be stripped away from the liturgical year without even a logical reason. Just another way to debase our work for the glory of God and preparation for ourselves. The colour is now violet, the Gloria is gone, the Alleluia is now removed from the liturgies not to return until the Paschal Vigil. It is “pre-Lent,” which the reformers abhorred, a time to prepare.

Source: Vox Cantoris: Is Bergoglio about to change the Mass thereby rendering it, “invalid?” Our penance has begun!