Hoping this old computer….

Hoping this old computer keeps working for just a little bit longer. Purchased six years ago at Walmart for $400.00, this laptop has just about reached the end of its life cycle. It has been my primary working machine for much of the time I’ve owned it, and now its hardware is breaking down. The keyboard often stops working, requiring a reboot to get any work done. And it’s barely strong enough to handle many tasks.

With my  move to the Philippines coming soon, the personal budget doesn’t really have room right now for another computer purchase. I have a smartphone and tablet in good working order, and a few other old computers all crippled in various ways that can keep my Internet life ongoing – sort of. Hopefully I’ll be able to wait until that move overseas is completed before investing in another big machine. Hopefully this old computer will keep working until then.

Today’s Midday Chore – Recycling

Yesterday’s delivery of a big, green, organics recycling bin from the City of San Antonio means I finally have all the bins needed to fully cooperate with the City’s Solid Waste Management program. And since tomorrow is pickup day for the blue (recyclable) and green (organics) bins, I’ll be devoting the early afternoon today to getting them ready. Then tomorrow morning (or tonight) I’ll wheel them out to the curb so they’ll be ready for the big trucks to come and empty them.

Exciting, huh?

Mindanao Under Martial Law for 60 Days

President Duterte’s decision to impose martial law on the Island of Mindanao makes perfect sense to me. Muslim pirates and bandits from Mindanao and its outlaying islands have been a scourge for hundreds of years. Their increasing violence since aligning with ISIS has become intolerable. The only way the Philippine military and police can effectively cleanse the island of this menace is by operating under a state of martial law.

Thankfully, the parts of the Philippines I intend to visit over the next few years (Cebu City, Iloilo, etc.) are NOT on Mindanao.